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Zixtech HUB announces mentors for the Smart Agri Greenovation program

Zixtech HUB is excited to Announce our #Mentors for the #Greenovation program. As the lead Hub for #ClimateSmartAgriculture, we are supporting 4 startups that have completed the incubation process. Sustainable Farming Solutions Malawi (Malawi), Demasko Farms (Ghana) Irri-Hub KE (Kenya) and AgriTech Analytics Limited (Kenya) For the Next steps they will be mentored by 6...

Empowering Innovation: The Impact of Startup China Club and UNIPLAT

Empowering Entrepreneurs for Global Innovation Visionary leader Ms. Belinda Wong propels innovation at Leader Corporate Services Ltd, positioning it as a key player in Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with top-tier company setup and compliance services. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, visionary leaders like Ms. Belinda Wong are paving the way for impactful initiatives that...

Seize Opportunities: Partner with Leader Corporate Services Ltd for effortless business in Hong Kong

Driving Business Growth in Dynamic Hong Kong Discover the pulse of Hong Kong’s thriving business landscape with Leader Corporate Services Ltd. Uncover expert solutions tailored to your corporate needs, from seamless compliance to strategic decision-making. With over a decade of experience, LCS offers cost-effective services that empower entrepreneurs to thrive amidst the city’s dynamic markets....

What Does The Future Of Recruitment Look Like?

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Statistics You Need to Share With Your Leaders

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How Employer Teams Can Respond to a Crisis

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Consulting Fees Study 2019 (And How To Raise Your Rates)

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