Belinda Wong

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Belinda Wong has been appointed as Startup Club Manager for the Startup China Club in Hong Kong.

This initiative helps Startups all around the world.

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The Startup Club 

The Startup Club is the fastest growing online startup and entrepreneur community in the world with a group presence in every major European, American and Asian country and city. Join our groups on Linkedin, Facebook, Viadeo and Xing.




Our Story

Since 2002, Starlight Capital Inc. co-organized the New York Private Equity Forums at the Yale Club New York, which has been America’s Premier Business Funding Conference for startups.

Starlight has extensive experience offering transaction and advisory services for early- and development-stage companies. Together with Starlight, we have designed a new vision for the global startup community, which is the Startup Club. The Startup Club is the one-stop-shop for the global startup community, organizing pitch nights for the startup ecosystem in cities all over the world. If you want a pitch slot at our pitch nights, please reach out for Olga.

Olga Kuznetsova is CEO and Co-Founder of the Startup Club. Olga graduated with First Class Honours from King’s College at the University of London and studied Business Management.

More than 500 networking groups

Our community consists of a growing portfolio of more than 500 networking groups with a specialization on the global Startup Ecosystem on a diverse range of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing, Viadeo and Facebook. For every country, there is a parent group for the country, e.g. Startup Netherlands Club and there are subgroups for any major city in that country, e.g. Startup Amsterdam Club and Startup Rotterdam Club. There are also themed groups for each country, e.g. Startup USA Club – Startupjobs. If you wish to set up a dedicated themed group in your country, please reach out for Olga.

Buddying with entrepreneurs

Buddying with entrepreneurs, early-stage investors and the enterprise support community across sectors, industries, regions, and generations. Online Network for Entrepreneurs and Startups. Whether you are looking at startup support, planning your new venture, crowdsourcing your challenges, or looking to reach out for networking, crowdfunding, mentors, startups, incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurs, founders, inventors, Innovation, experts, coaches, VCs, angels, investors, venture capital, University, Student, new ideas, jobs, self-employed, co-founders, small business founders, FinTech, blockchain, digitalization, Artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, success, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Motivation, hustle, Money, small-business, startup life, Fashion, female, digital marketing, social media, Branding, Entrepreneurs, Businessman, Woman, entrepreneur life, Inspiration, Wealth, Startups, SEO, business owner, social media marketing, Lifestyle, love, online marketing, content marketing, Finance, Bootstrapping or best practices in the Startup Global Ecosystem, you can find it all here.


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