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Hong Kong company registration

Inside our Secretarial Service, the customer can utilize a Hong Kong address as the enrolled office and correspondence address for his or her new Hong Kong Limited the from the establishing date.

As per Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, a Hong Kong Company has the obligation to appoint a company secretary; the position can likewise be satisfied by one of the directors of the organization, however not in the event that the director is a sole director ; if the secretary of the organization is an individual, the person must be a Hong Kong resident; if the secretary is an organization, its office or place of business must be in Hong Kong.

What are the obligations of a Company Secretary

The company is an appointed officer of the organization and is along these lines in charge of various assignments, for example, keeping the required managerial acts and records while working together in Hong Kong (may also involve companies incorporated overseas) and furthermore overseeing that the organization meets every legitimate prerequisite.

The company secretary can be held responsible for any negligence for not submitting – inside the legitimate time spans – any change the regarding directors , shareholders / members and the company secretary. There are also annual filing requirements.

The company secretary keeps the following statutory registers:

  • the register of shareholders / members ;
  • the register of directors ;
  • the register of secretaries

What’s more, make sure that:

  • the statutory filings are done within the filing due dates;
  • the broad shareholders / members meetings are held in a proper manner;
  • advice the board of directors on all corporate governance issues
  • disseminate corporate information to the relevant parties on a ‘need to know’ basis.

What are the privileges of a Company Secretary?

The role and responsibilities of a company secretary is defined in the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap 622). It is one of the important officers of a Hong Kong Company.

Our ‘Secretarial endless supply of your Hong Kong Limited, our company secretarial services

We advice clients on all company registration and subsequent compliance issues to ensure that clients could focus on their core businesses while leaving corporate governance matters to our hands.

Hong Kong company registration

Hong Kong company registration and secretarial services

The smartest thing to do is look for a company which can do both the Hong Kong company registration and the Hong Kong secretarial services. We understand you might have some questions about that, like:

What is the Hong Kong company registration fee?

We believe in custom made services while keeping the costs of incorporation at a reasonable standard. Please contact us for a free quotation to set up your Hong Kong company.

What is included in the Hong Kong company registration service?

We attend to all procedures necessary for company registration. We also provide named company secretary and registered office services. We also refer clients to contacts important to their operations e.g. auditors, tax consultants etc.

What are the Hong Kong company registration requirements?

There are some requirements to incorporate a Hong Kong company. Let’s capture them briefly:

  • Company name. The name must not be identical to a company already registered in Hong Kong. There are words which require the prior approval of the Companies Registry before incorporation of to incorporate the Hong Kong company
  • Directors. There has to be at least one director, which has to be a natural person. He hast to be at least 18 years old, not be bankrupt or convicted for malpractices. The director doesn’t have to be resident in Hong Kong. A director is not required to hold share(s) in the Hong Kong company.
  • Shareholders. There can be 1 to 50 shareholders for a private company limited with share capital. There are no residency requirements for the shareholders. The director can also be a shareholder.He or she can be of have any nationality. The shareholder can also be a company.
  • Company secretary. There has to be a company secretary. The company secretary, if an individual, has to be resident in Hong Kong. The company secretary is responsible for maintaining all statutory records of the company and to ensure that the company comply with the laws.
  • Share Capital. There is no minimum share capital requirement. There should be at least one shareholder holding 1 share. The capital can be expressed in any currency.
  • Registered office address. The Hong Kong company must have a local Hong Kong address. It can not be a Post office box.
  • Public information: Details of share capital, directors, shareholders, company secretary, registered office address, mortgages have to be filed with the Companies Registry and these information are open to the general public.
  • Ongoing compliance. There has to be audited financial statements. The Business registration certificate should be renewed yearly or every three years.

How can you do a Hong Kong company registration search?

We can help you to do a Hong Kong company registration search. It includes:

The Full company name – The English name

The Chinese company name – if it is filed
The Previous company names

The Company type
The Date of Incorporation
The registration number
The Legal Status of the Company
The Company Director details
The Hong Kong Registered Office address
The Share Capital  and the Shareholder details

The Company Secretary including name, Chinese name, registration number, registered address, date of appointment
The List of company documents filed with the Hong Kong Registry  

A copy of the latest annual return filed.

Is there a Hong Kong company registration authority?

Yes there is a Hong Kong company registration authority to keep track of all registrations. The government authority is Companies Registry.



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